Assurance - for absolute certainty

Just like the large firms, Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem holds an AFM licence for non-listed companies. This means that, even if you are not subject to a statutory audit, we can help you to be absolutely certain by issuing an audit opinion on your financial statements.
Our audit opinion or review report instils confidence in your financial setup in banks, shareholders, credit insurers and creditors, members, subsidy providers and other social parties. Our audit will also highlight areas requiring attention and propose solutions which may help improve the functioning and content of your organisation in general, and your administrative system in particular. We present this in an accessible management letter.

All assurance activities are undertaken by an independent and separate arm of our organisation: Wolfsbergen Van Haarlem Assurance N.V. We employ professionals who are experts in performing business management audits within a quality assurance system. We also offer an international service.

Assurance diensten

  1. Mandatory or voluntary audit of financial statements with audit opinion
  2. Review reports on financial statements
  3. Audit of and statements on:
    • Subsidy payments
    • Liquidity and other forecasts
    • (Property) prospectus
    • Payment of taxes
    • Insurance (e.g. turnover statements)
  4. Establishing and documenting administrative organisation and internal control and risk management environment
  5. Advising on valuation and reporting rules
  6. Advising on and overseeing significant transactions, investments and business succession or takeovers.

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